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SPECIALISED BACK CARE | Back Pain Treatment Specialist | Spine Clinic | Vikas Puri, JanakPuri, Raja Garden | Delhi | NCR
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Back Pain Care
We treat all the reactive elements in your spine

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Specialised Back Care


We assess not only your problematic area but whole of your spine. By our specialized assessment we find out all the subluxations/ misalignments in your vertebral column (back-bone), muscular tightness/ weakness, ROM, ligament laxity, trigger points, etc.

Accordingly, we treat all the reactive elements in your spine. Once your pain subsides and all the corrections done, we incorporate Back Care programme which is a series of conditioning exercises for the core muscles to achieve stability in various body positions or postures.

We provide a highly Scientifically acclaimed Pilates regime that strengthens the

core and tones up the abdominal, gluteus and thigh musculature which is crucial for preventing recurrence of your back pain and enhancing your performance.


C - 368 Guru Virjand Marg , Vikas Puri, Delhi - 110018.


+91 9212320357

+91 9212320357