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CARDIAC & POST SURGICAL Treatments | Management of post-op cardiac surgery | Active AYu Life | Vikas Puri, Janak Puri
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Cardiac & Post Surgical
Any surgery is incomplete without follow-up physiotherapy

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Cardiac & Post Surgical


The purpose of any surgery is incomplete without follow-up physiotherapy. Our rehabilitation program aids in returning the operated /surgical cases to their maximum functional capacity.

Common cases undertaken in our clinic include - Knee/ Hip Replacement, Spinal surgeries, Coronary Artery bypass surgery, Open Heart surgery, fracture fixation, mastectomy, tendon transfers, Arthroscopy, Chemotherapy, etc. We follow all special instructions by your referring Surgeon(s).

Many post surgical cases in their acute conditions are also provided with the home care programs by our specialized therapists, and so far we have 100%

satisfaction recorded following physiotherapy after TKR and THR, and cases of ACL rehabilitation.


C - 368 Guru Virjand Marg , Vikas Puri, Delhi - 110018.


+91 9212320357

+91 9212320357