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When a patient comes to Active Life Clinic in pain and discomfort, our team place an unrelenting trust to help dissipate the problem & help him to live active life through our specialized treatment techniques.

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Following a through examination by a physical therapist, an individualized treatment program is planned. If you are in pain at the time of your first visit,

your Physiotherapist puts you on pain relieving modalities. Splinting/ Taping. Proper Positioning and other forms of treatments like Manual/ manipulative therapy techniques which are adjuncts for improvement are provided as needed. We lay emphasis on the correction of underlying cause of your problem. Each physical therapy session takes about 45-60 minutes proceded by gym based exercise training for functional improvement in the later sessions.


C - 368 Guru Virjand Marg , Vikas Puri, Delhi - 110018.


+91 9212320357

+91 9212320357